IT system for creating “intelligent electronic registers”!

FleXiML is a technology allowing for the creation of widely understood “intelligent electronic register” – from fairly simple applications for the needs of a single department – to highly advanced solutions applicable in the whole enterprise.


Register of leave requests
Register of driving authorizations
Register of objects

Audit management system
Employee evaluation system
Claims and requests administration system

Register of Rail Infrastructure
Bonus calculation system



Rejestr wniosków urlopowych
Rejestr Praw Kierowania
Rejestr przedmiotów

System Zarządzania Audytami
System Ocen Pracowniczych
System Obsługi Skarg i Wniosków

Rejestr Infrastruktury Kolejowej
System naliczania premii

“Intelligent electronic register” means:

  • Ergonomic process of entering data into the system
  • Managing the quality and consistency of data being provided, using: prompting, auto-completion, thesaurus, business rules
  • Business Process / Workflow Management (BPMN)
  • Creating operational and analytical reports.
  • Access control management.
  • Notifications management.
  • Data version management.
  • Integration with other external systems (e.g. SAP)
  • Flexi Umowy
  • Moje Zadania
  • Dodaj nową umowę

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