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Solution that puts people and processes first.

Collibra provides an enterprise-wide data governance solution that puts people and processes first, automating data governance and management to quickly and securely deliver trusted data to the business users who need it. Regardless of your organization’s market focus or your specific role in the business, Collibra can help you meet your data governance objectives and create lasting business advantage. The Collibra data governance solution covers all key data governance and stewardship activities. Collibra offers a full-featured, best-of-breed solution that helps you maximize your data.

Establish a common understanding

Create a shared language for data assets and meaning within your organization so that everyone works from a single source of agreed-upon truth.

Keep pace with change

Easily automate governance and stewardship tasks so that your data management practice can remain in place as your business evolves.

Collaborate in a central location

Interact within common workflows and pre-built business processes in order to facilitate a collaborative approach to governance.

Centralize information

Document data assets in a centralized location for visibility and to enable collaboration among the organization.


Questions around data’s quality and relevance are increasingly difficult for modern enterprises to answer. Collibra Data Governance helps organizations understand their ever-growing amounts of data in a way that scales with growth and change, so that teams can trust and use their data to improve their business.



Catalog empowers business users to quickly discover and understand data that matters so they can generate impactful insights that drive business value. Leveraging industry-leading governance capabilities of the Collibra Platform, Collibra Catalog ensures Data Citizens always have access to the most trusted data available.



Data lineage reveals how data transforms through its life cycle across interactions with systems, applications, APIs and reports. Collibra Lineage automatically maps relationships between data to show how data sets are built, aggregated, sourced and used, providing complete, end-to-end lineage visualization.



Collibra Privacy & Risk allows organizations to build customer trust by operationalizing privacy policies, collaborating across the privacy lifecycle and scaling compliance across new regulations quickly and easily.


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