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ValueTank is the provider of consulting services and IT solutions supporting the most important areas of enterprise management. We offer an unique mixture of knowledge, know-how and experience, combined with the broad knowledge of the Polish market. Our consulting services are provided into two basic areas: data governance and project management.

information management

The conscious use of data and knowledge is a chance to meet the requirements of an increasingly competitive and regulated world before problems appear (late decision making, unjustified expenses, GDPR penalties, problems with the PFSA, etc.). It’s also a serious challenge for the company that decides to enter the path of data-driven decisions in everyday management practice.

Such transformation is supported by Data Governance regulations, processes and roles. Thanks to them the whole organization has a chance to understand its data, realize its significance and use it properly to grow the business.


Project management

Operation of each modern enterprise and public institution is based on undertaking a large number of simultaneously implemented projects. These interact on various levels – joint goals, resources and finance. As the scale and complexity of tasks grows, ensuring compliance of the whole project portfolio with the organization’s strategy, planning and optimization of resources’ use and ongoing coordination and conflict resolution become more and more difficult.

We have deep methodological knowledge and practical experience in programme and project portfolio management.

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