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Application platform for corporate use.

Flexi - solutions for your business.

FleXiML is a proven technology for building applications and broadly understood “intelligent electronic registers”, from relatively simple to advanced solutions for use across the corporation. FleXiML is a huge range of applications, thanks to modern, flexible and well thought-out technical architecture.

Do you need a dedicated tool? A synergistic combination of excellent technology and consultants’ knowledge ensures our clients the highest standard of solutions provided and a quick return on investment.

Are you looking for a ready application? Responding to market needs and basing on our years of experience, we have developed tools based on FleXiML that solves problems encountered in mature and developing organizations. Our tools support, among others, the process of managing dictionaries in databases and data warehouses, the process of recording and managing official equipment, the process of handling internal and external audits and audits, and central document records.


This is solution for you, if you need support in managing dictionaries in the data warehouse, data quality management (manual data cleansing), combining data sets (facilitating the manual process) and you want, among others, to have multi-level dictionary categorization, the ability to load and edit dictionary values, filtering and validating dictionary values, and dictionaries themselves and access management.


Asset is for those who needs support in managing the fleet, equipment, office equipment, handling the supply of sales representatives etc. You need integration with financial systems, a built-in process of handling the assignment of items, records of items/documents, assignments to the location/people of movable objects, electronic receipt/issue records, monitoring of deadlines.


functionalities such as: planning (cyclical plans, ad hoc controls, internal and external, resource management), Implementation (ensuring completeness and compliance with procedures, evaluation form tailored to the needs, preparation of a report from control) Recommendation (support for the preparation of recommendations and preparation of the recovery plan), Monitoring (e.g. implementation of recommendations) are necessary.


Helpdesk is a simple application supporting the organization in the field of management and handling of notifications, errors and improvements of IT systems. The system supports the implementation and testing phase of the IT system, maintenance services, including SLA calculation, reporting workload.


Do you need support in handling reports, cases or complaints in your organization? Case handling system (CaseDesk) is an application supporting every aspect of managing the case handling process in the Organization. The application systematizes, standardizes and facilitates handling of internal and external affairs, supports many communication channels, e.g. traditional mail, electronic mail, hotline, office, online application forms.


This is for you if you are looking for a tool that will allow business users to quickly create simple, single-use applications or applications on the FleXiML platform, e.g. collecting and correcting data during the migration of an IT system, conducting internal surveys, knowledge bases within corporations, applications for recording guests visiting the office, service of office machines , toners etc.

Examples of dedicated applications based on Flexi:

  • Register and manage complaints and requests
  • Public Information Register
  • Register of court documents (creates automation)
  • Register of contracts and service requests (SLA)
  • Register and management of audits and controls
  • Record of fragile items
  • Land and real estate register
  • Records and management of investment and discretionary bonuses
  • Records of employees and working time
  • Health and safety register, accident register

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