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Tomasz Mierzwa

A visionary and specialist in the technology industry, with over 20 years of experience in cross-sectoral projects. An expert in all aspects of information management (BI / DQ / MDM). New technology practitioners (Blockchain / AI). Speaker and trainer. Passionate about the practical use of modern information technologies in business. He specializes in issues of comprehensive data management (Data Governance) and provision of information supporting management (Business Intelligence).

Helmut V. Gläser

Graduate of the Faculty of Economics and Sociology at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität in Freiburg im Breisgau. He has extensive experience in team management, influencing groups, in negotiations and conflict resolution.

He believes that each lecture, even on the most serious subject, needs to be fun for the students – instead of boring! This is what you can experience being a participant in the workshop or listener of his lectures.

Since 1977 he worked as Regional Director in the insurance industry. In 1979 he moved to the pharmaceutical industry. Here he went through all levels of corporate career – from the Sales Representative to Marketing Director in such companies as Gödecke AG (Germany), Sanofi Pharma (France), Winthrop Sterling Drug (USA) and Ferring (Sweden).

When the borders opened to the east he accepted the position of President of the German-Russian Joint Venture in Moscow. After the project completed in 1992, he was asked to prepare newly hired CEOs and directors in Poland and Hungary for the challenges and realities of emerging markets. What was supposed to be a one-off adventure, developed and became the basis for a solid business continuing to this day.

Classes are given in the following languages: German, Polish, English, Russian and Spanish.

Piotr Ogonowski

An experienced manager, consultant and trainer

He supported the transformation of over 30 companies, consulted or trained over 200 companies. Author of lectures and training in organization transformation, project and project portfolio management, and change management. He obtained PMP and PRINCE2 Practitioner certificates. Member and Mentor in the Polish branch of PMI, member of the Polish Business Trainers Association and a long-time member of the Association of Knowledge Management Practitioners. Lecturer at the best Polish universities at postgraduate and MBA studies. He specializes in large transformation projects and strategy implementation.

Marek Gmerski

A graduate of Wroclaw University of Economics with a specialization in “Computers in management”. Practitioner of modern methods of financial management such as: ABM (Activity BasedManagement), Project Finance, budgeting according to PMBOK® (Project Management Body of Knowledge) and PRINCE2® (Projects in a Controlled Environment) methodologies. Certified expert of Gartner TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and certified project manager for the PRINCE2 Foundation and Project Management Professional (PMI). Co-author of methodology and valuation of Business Case ventures portfolio for TP SA Co-author of the methodology for assessing the value of high risk projects – ValueIT.

He led one of the first major Polish IT projects executed under the public procurement law, using the formula of a competitive dialogue. He advised on separated accounting for missionary and commercial activity in one of the state-owned companies.

He has many years of experience as a coach and trainer. He is the author or co-author of unique training programmes on managing complex projects, an expert in the field of project controlling and IT controlling.

Winner of the “Speaker of the Year 2007” award, granted annually by the Institute for International Research in recognition of the high quality of training.

He has many years of experience as a coach and trainer. He is the author or co-author of unique training programmes in the fields of:

  • best project management practices – best aspects of different methodologies
  • managing complex projects (mega-project)
  • budgeting and controlling of projects
  • monitoring the implementation of the project at every stage,
  • IT controlling,
  • training preparing for the certification of project managers according to the PMBoK methodology (PMP certificate) – 95% success rate.

Training of approx. 3,000 people in project management, IT controlling, project budgeting, project execution monitoring, etc.

PhD, Engineer Martin Daliga

A graduate of Poznań University of Technology, he completed post-graduate studies: MBA; project management and quality management. At the University of Lodz won the title of Doctor of Economic Sciences in the field of Project Management and Process.

He is an expert in the field of systems for improving the efficiency of business and business management, projects and investments, as a tireless promoter of Kenneth Blanchard situational leadership method, he effectively managed interdisciplinary teams. Over the last several years he was working with teams (more than 200-person teams) implementing projects with budgets exceeding PLN 30 million. He held a number of functions and roles in the largest Polish companies. He is most proud of the participation of his team in projects related to the optimization of business processes in the company and increasing their competitiveness. Currently he is working on the international market (Poland – Germany) advising many organizations in the area of IT development. He has many years of consulting practice in creating business value and project management.
Knowledge and command of project methodologies: PMI PMBOK; Prince2; Agile methodologies (SCRUM; DSDM)
International certificates: MBA, PRINCE2, M_o_R, MsP, MoP, REQB, IBAQB, PO, PSM, Agile DSDM, Six Sigma Black Belt and Six Sigma Champion.
Scope of trainings: Project management based on Prince2; PMBoK; Agile Scrum; ensuring optimal communication in project teams; Simulation games in the field of project management, balanced scorecard, team building, risk management, change management, quality, analytical thinking, and many more…

Grzegorz Michalski

Specialist, trainer and consultant in the field of corporate finance: financial management, value based management, liquidity management, financial planning, business financial strategies, financial analysis of the company, capital budgeting, etc. Member of industry associations: European Finance Association (EFA), the American Finance Association (AFA) and the Polish Association of Banking and Finance (PSFiB).

A member of the Scientific Board od renowned scientific journal in the field of business management: Problems and Perspectives in Management. Author and co-author of numerous publications in the field of corporate financial management, asset management, and revolving enterprise budgeting capital (e.g. author of: Wartość płynności w bieżącym zarządzaniu finansami, Warsaw 2004; Płynność finansowa w małych i średnich przedsiębiorstwach, Warsaw 2005; co-author of: Krótkoterminowe zarządzanie kapitałem, Warsaw 2005 etc.). PhD in Economics (Wroclaw University of Economics, 2002). Adjunct Professor, Department of Corporate Finance and Value Management at the Institute of Finance Management Wroclaw University of Economics and the Department of Finance and Accounting at the Faculty of Economics, University of Management and Administration in Opole.

Krystian Kaczor

Among IT professionals he is known as very influential Agile expert. He shares his rich diverse experiences not only led training, as well as articles and speeches at conferences. Exponent of a pragmatic approach based on empiricism and checking the results. Author sold thousands of copies of the book “Scrum and more. Theory and practice in Agile methods. ” Trainer, who still works as an Agile Coach and Scrum Master to keep the bond with the practice of design.

11 years experience in working with companies whose logo is easily recognizable in many countries – improving teams, processes, projects and entire organizations.
Extensive experience in employee support and as program manager allows Krystian to look at the process of software development and application from many different sides.
As an Agile Coach and Trainer, he builds and runs Agile teams, performs organization transformations and improves the implemented practices. She has experience in working with Teams range from small local groups to geographically dispersed corporations, working models scaled and distributed Agile.
Krystian provides training in the area of Agile, Scrum, quality assurance, testing, as well as soft skills and advises Clients and coaches employees, he is an agent of change.
Author of books, e-books and other publications in Polish and foreign press. Speaker at Polish and international conferences in the areas of Agile and Quality. One of the five coaches in the rank of Professional Scrum Trainer in Poland, CSP, PMI-ACP, ISTQB CTAL TM ICF ACC, SAFE Program Consultant.

Aneta Wrona

Trainer and consultant with years of experience. It has a rich business practice and many years of experience in journalism, managerial and coaching.
She specializes in consulting and training in the area of image-building, presentation and public speaking. Copyright workshops and coaching sessions with the public speaking and communication leads to business representatives, journalists and politicians. There is also a specialist for the creation of media image.

Program director and a board member of Capital Radio Kolor. Journalist Lublin radio Puls, TVP 3, Radio Kolor, Polish Radio Program III.
She was the director of publishing ViMedia. In the years 2008 – 2009 spokesperson and marketing director for Polish Television SA
Experience gained trainer and coach companies: Catherine Korpolewska Knight Consulting, where she provided management training, communication and negotiation, and Sandler Training International, the institute specializing in advanced sales techniques, self-presentation in sales.
In 2010, She taught at the School of Economics Innovative Technology Sales, from 2012 lecturer at the School of Management and Law named Helena Chodkowska in Warsaw.

Robert Buszta

Graduate of sociology and psychology at the University of Warsaw. Scholar of the university in Zurich (Jung Institute) and Novosibirsk (NLP Alexei Sitnikov). Since 1988 popularizer of mental work techniques (fast learning: rules of memory training, notation techniques, principles of speed reading and effective studying) based on the concepts of the English psychologist Tony Buzan, especially the “Use Your Head” programme.
Founder of the only Polish Academy of Speed Reading (’96). Initiator and organizer of the Polish Speed Reading Championship (already 8 editions). Founder and Director of the IMPULS Institute of Education Methods. Since 1988 he has trained approx. 300 000 people.

He specializes in individual development of employees and managerial staff, including individual consultations and psychological counseling, personal coaching (executive coaching). He conducts workshops and training courses on personal development, e.g.: individual career paths, management and psychology of leadership, psychology of influence, leadership strategies, negotiation and conflict resolution, effective time and stress management (personal and organization-level) and coping with burnout, psychology of effective team management.

In his work with managers and employees he makes use of the knowledge and models in the field of Emotional Intelligence (Boyatzis, Goleman, Mayer, Caruso).


He also provides diagnoses of individual potential (psychology of individual differences) – analysis of character traits and personality of employees, managers, clients (using such tools as – INSIGHTS, Extended DISC, Oldham and Morris Psychological Self-portrait).

In addition, he is involved in organization consulting as regards the development of HR Departments, building Professional Competence systems and their application for Assessment and Recruitment Systems and improvement of Sales Force Effectiveness – analysis of effectiveness of trade visit models, of representatives and development of the work of subordinate line managers) research on culture and management styles, research on organizational culture and company personality profile, analysis of the culture of coaching in organizations, research on moods, opinions and satisfaction among employees.


In 1992-2002 Contract Manager for:


  • Commercial Director of Business Foundation and the “Teraz Polska” Foundation – 2 editions
  • Commercial Director of the First of Private Market and Social Research Agency DEMOSKOP – introduction of the THOMAS INTERNATIONAL methods
  • Director for trainings and development at Tracy College International – introduction of the Brian Tracy and INSIGHTS brands at the Polish market
  • Co-founder and Vice President of the Polish Chamber of Training Companies
  • He permanently cooperates with Tracy College International and Learning Method’s Group – Tony Buzan

The teacher has extensive experience in building and managing brands; he personally developed and implemented several brands, among others:

  • Chronoplan – a system for time management
  • Mind mapping – notation system (traditional and computer versions)
  • Mnemonics – memory techniques,
  • Speed reading,
  • Polish Championship in Speed Reading,
  • Thomas International – analysis of personal characteristics,
  • Insights International – analysis of the attitudes, behavior and values,
  • Brian Tracy College International

Piotr Biernacki

A graduate of the Department of Polygraphy of Warsaw University of Technology. Since 1993, he is associated with Micrografx (now iGrafx) – creator of the pioneer process modeling tools. Currently, owner of Polish Support Center iGrafx, Lecturer at P-JWSTK, participant of many projects in the area of modeling and business process analysis. In iGrafx he cooperates in a group of people creating the BPMN standard. He certifies iGrafx trainers in Poland.

In 2003-2011 he provided trainings in the field of modeling, simulation, analysis and management of business processes to more than a thousand people: Public Administration (Ministry of Finance, NBP, many Authorities including GITD, GDDKiA, WIOŚ in Poznan), Banking, Insurance, Health care, distribution companies, Manufacturing companies, Service companies, Telecommunications, Software companies, Commercial service companies and Education (lectures and classes at P-JWSTK 2000-2011, John Paul II PSW in Biała Podlaska 2010-2011, Technical University of Lodz 2009-2010, training sessions and guest lectures – University of Lodz in 2011, Gdansk University of Technology 2011 WSB in Wrocław 2010, Wroclaw University of Technology, Cracow University of Economics, Warsaw School of Economics, School of Banking in Poznan, Gdynia Maritime University, Szczecin University of Technology, Warsaw University of Technology)


He has extensive experience in the development of the methodology for documenting processes, carried out inter alia for (selected) – BPSC (10.06-02.11) Process documentation for the implementation and improvement of the WorkFlow system in BPSC, RSL (2010-2011), and Action (2010) – Methods of modeling logistics processes, ILIM (2009-2011) – Methods of modeling administrative procedures for the project “Streamlining administrative procedures” financed by the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Finance (2009-2010) – Developing methods of process modeling for the needs of their automation (Intras project), TapGear (2010) and Dysant (2009-2011) – participation in the creation of SOA solutions for the automation of business processes, Sofrecom – France Telecom Group (2006) – Process documentation for the implementation for the WorkFlow system, Dialog (2006) – Process documentation for the implementation of the Knowledge Management system, Wólczanka (2006) ¬- Process documentation for the implementation of ERP and WorkFlow systems, GPEC (2005) – Process documentation for the implementation of the CRM system, GDDKiA (2004-2005) and many others.

Bartłomiej Stolarczyk

Coach, graduate of Praeceptor Trainer Studies. He graduated from the Faculty of Polish Studies at Warsaw University.
He provides trainings involved with broad aspects of effective interpersonal communication and personal development. In 2002-2003, among others, he participated in a project exploring the effectiveness of communication in post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project aimed to explore how people can talk to each other those after they have recently been shooting at each other…

He specializes in development-related trainings, provides training for business, public administration and mental training for athletes. The conviction that human capital is the largest and most significant asset of a company helps conduct trainings for the business sector (sales, negotiation, management, conflict resolution, team building).

His training workshop in the field of personal development (including assertiveness) is based on proven techniques and experiences of global personal development experts (Tony Robbins, Robert Dilts, Wendi Friesen) as well as on the experience of running a laboratory of effective mental training.

He is the author of the books “Teach them how to treat you! Practical guide to assertiveness”, “Persuasive telemarketing. 50 tools to improve sales and customer service immediately”, and a manual on management in public administration “Practical aspects of human resource management in the civil service. A Guide.”

Bartek’s greatest passion is his work and his greatest success – basically – the success of its Clients.

Artur Biały

Experienced Project Manager (Project Manager / Program Manager). He participated in and managed IT projects for a number of global IT companies – from the implementation of complex data warehouses through real-time systems to complex web applications. He advised and trained project managers in Poland and abroad.

Experienced project manager. Involved in the IT sector for more than thirteen years. Managed IT projects for many well-known companies. Among other things, he dealt with the implementation of complex web applications, real-time systems, and created complex data warehouses. He is an expert in the fields of project management, business intelligence and information management systems. He graduated from the Faculty of Computer Science of AGH University, where he conducted research in the area of intelligent agent systems and artificial intelligence. Publications. As an experienced project manager, he received the prestigious Project Management Professional (PMP®) Certificate awarded by the Project Management Institute (PMI®), Pennsylvania, USA. Member of the Project Management Institute (PMI®) and Scrum Alliance, certified SCRUM Master. As one of the very few people in Poland, he has been granted the title of Certified Scrum Practitioner (CSP), awarded by the Scrum Alliance to experienced practitioners of agile project management. One of the founders of the Polish branch of PMI (PMI Poland Chapter). Founder of the PMI branch in Krakow. Long-term President of the Krakow Branch of PMI Poland Chapter. International correspondent for PM Forum Today, global magazine for project managers.

Skills: Excellent knowledge of PMI and Prince2 project management methodology, one of the authors of PMBoK 4th. Ed. Experience in leading large-scale projects (several million is dollars) in the IT and telecommunications. Practical experience in consulting related to project and project portfolio management. Experience and knowledge of agile methodologies of project management – SCRUM / Agile. Trainer experience – conducting closed and open trainings for many companies in Poland. Experience and knowledge of information technology – web-based systems, data warehousing and real-time systems.

Tomasz Kraiński

Practice and trainer within the field of project and project portfolio management. Manages IT projects for 17 years now. Knowledge of PMBOK, ASAP, APM methodologies. Certified Prince2 Practitioner. Specializes in project portfolio management, both from the process perspective and from the instrumental perspective. Knowledge of leading PPM applications. Enthusiast of providing training based on real projects implemented by the Client, while referring to his own experience in design and techniques proven and checked in professional practice.

executed large deployment projects for SAP Polska and HP Polska.

Lecturer at the Postgraduate Department for Software Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology. As a consultant he supported large-scale projects and programmes. He completed around 40 courses in computer science, project administration and employee management and cooperation.

Adversary of mature use of IT tools supporting the work of a project manager.

Anna Ostaszewska

Analyst with many years of experience, project manager, trainer providing training in the optimization of business processes and requirements management in IT projects. She also provides trainings on methods of analysis and design of information systems. Appraiser of the Polish IT Association, Member of the Board of Mazowsze Branch of PTI (Polish IT Association).

A graduate of the Institute of Informatics of University of Warsaw. For several years she worked at the Institute of Computer Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences dealing with the representation of knowledge in information systems that communicate in natural languages. She managed a Analysis and Design Team in CSBI S.A., taking part or managing several projects and conducting trainings on methods of analysis and design of information systems.

Since 1997 President of Hobbit Sp. z o.o., since 2002. Vice President of myIT Sp. z o.o. – in both companies she headed projects related to software development and IT consulting. From 2005 to 2007 – project manager at PKO BP.

Most important projects related to software development: ALSO Puls (Ministry of Labour and Social Policy), the system operating grants (KBN – Science and Research Committee), insurance handling system (Compensa Życie S.A.), database on Polish science (Information Processing Centre under KBN), deployment of an ERP system (Avon Cosmetics Poland), Export Promotion Portal (Ministry of Economy, Labour and Social Policy) online system for settlement of music presentation (Audio Video Producers Association), intranet portal for bank employees (PKO BP).

The most important projects related to consultancy: Strategy for the computerization of KBN (Science and Research Committee), data migration at the NMT market (PTK Centertel), optimization of communication processes in Avon Cosmetics Poland, audit of project management and trainings for IT Experts, involvement in the creation of tender documents and evaluation of tenders for some public authorities.


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